Michelle Alfano on Her Memoir, The Unfinished Dollhouse

by Liana Cusmano


In her memoir The Unfinished Dollhouse, Michelle Alfano recounts the journey she underwent in accepting and embracing her son’s transgender identity. From tell-tale signs in early childhood and the mental and physical afflictions in the early teen years, to the reactions of family and friends and the final steps in a social and medical transition from female to male, Alfano explores the thoughts and feelings she experienced over the years as her son, River, fought to be his truest self. More...



Rediscovered Art: The Art And Passion of Guido Nincheri by Mélanie Grondin

by Licia Canton


Guido Nincheri is recognized as the most prolific Montreal artist of stained-glass windows and frescoes, but it was not his intention to settle in Montreal when he arrived with his bride in 1913. The newlyweds were originally headed to South America when the possibility of war in Europe changed their plans. More...



A Gift In Kind, the Centro d’Arte e Cultura “Alberto Di Giovanni” in Roccamorice

by Caroline Morgan Di Giovanni


To honour his hometown of Roccamorice in the mountains of Abruzzo, Alberto Di Giovanni established an exquisite cultural museum in a restored chapel in the heart of the village. The project began about 10 years ago when the municipality was able to fund the reconstruction of the “Baron’s Chapel,” a private chapel of the Barone Giuseppe Zambra. More...





Ethical Dilemmas in Rene Pappone’s The Partisan Brigade

by Anna Foschi Ciampolini


In Rene Pappone’s latest novel, The Partisan Brigade, a long-kept secret haunts a man. He still harbours the painful memory of the injustice that embittered his family. If he returns to the place where, in tragic circumstances, he acted against his own beliefs, would he finally find solace? Pasqualino Leone has been asking himself that question ever since he returned to Canada from a secret mission during the Second World War. More...





Once Upon a Pizzeria

by Charly Chiarelli 


Once upon a pizzeria, a little pizzeria in the big big city, there lived a woman named Maria, but everyone called her Nonna Maria. Nonna means grandmother in Italian, and everyone loved to adopt Nonna Maria as their own personal grandmother. Nonna Maria didn’t exactly live in the pizzeria, she lived upstairs from it. More...














Famous Poet: Please Give Me a Dollar

by Ralph Alfonso


Sometimes I have to laugh. I’ve got three dollars in my pocket. There’s a blinking phone message from my country music pal reminding me that his show is tonight. It’s at a smoky joint full of unshaved loudmouths and their giggly girlfriends with too much makeup clutching beer glasses smudged with lipstick all shades of red. More...


Mexico Through the Lens of Vincenzo Pietropaolo

by Alejandro Monsiváis


One of the various virtues of Vincenzo is that, when he’s taking pictures abroad, he does not have the “foreign view” – that arrogant attitude to treat other cultures as picturesque and exotic, like the furtive anthropologist photographing the “Noble Savage.” He establishes a relationship of trust with his subjects, and asks them before taking a picture. More...



Gingerbread: A Sicilian-Canadian Tradition

by Francesca M. LoDico


I made one gingerbread house in 2011 with my three nieces who were pre-schoolers; by 2016 I was making three houses with a squadron of 5-to-12 year-old relatives. I’m single with no kids of my own. And I live in the city whereas most of my family is suburban. More...






Feature Image

“Swordfish” by Francesco Licandro (San Pietro Clarenza, Italy) – Grand prize winner of the 2015 Accenti Photo Competition.



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