Truth, More or Less
by Rosanne Pagano


Causes of my grandmother’s lifelong limp - the one that afflicted her right leg (or maybe it was her left, memories contradict) - are lost to time and the Sicilian aptitude for turning the ordinary into the legendary. Consider the Tale of Uncle Benny’s Toe. MORE


History of a Dress
by Liana Bellon


I have had an affinity for Venice ever since, as a child, I was taken to the city by my parents during carnival. Years later, I often returned to research a doctoral dissertation on Venetian art. In June of 2012, though, my visit was quite different from previous ones: I was returning to the city I love to celebrate my wedding. MORE


L’arte sa nuotare: Florentine Street Art Blends the Old with the New
by Tania Zampini


Italians, it seems, know a thing or two about the interpretation of art and its cultural survival in a precarious market. “L’arte sa nuotare” (Art knows how to swim) is a tag seen throughout downtown Florence on street stencils no larger than a loose leaf, created by an artist who goes simply by the name of Blub. MORE


Photo Contest Insider



The Hog Slaughter: February 1862

by Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli


The hog is limp, having shuddered its last breath after a single blow to the head with a mallet. Gabriella and some of the neighbourhood women watch her father Lorenzo… More



The Motorcycle

by Licia Canton


“Monsieur, Monsieur.”
      He could hear a voice far away. Then he felt a light tap on the shoulder. He opened his eyes not knowing they had been closed. MORE



24 Hours

by Anthony Cristiano


Through cobbled streets, old historic houses
       returning scents of flavoured bread and oil; MORE



Feature Image

“Swordfish” by Francesco Licandro (San Pietro Clarenza, Italy) – Grand prize winner of the 2015 Accenti Photo Competition.



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