Once Upon a Pizzeria

by Charly Chiarelli 


Once upon a pizzeria, a little pizzeria in the big big city, there lived a woman named Maria, but everyone called her Nonna Maria. Nonna means grandmother in Italian, and everyone loved to adopt Nonna Maria as their own personal grandmother. Nonna Maria didn’t exactly live in the pizzeria, she lived upstairs from it. More...






by Caterina Edwards


Honour met no other cars on the narrow mountain road, and the few isolated houses she passed looked deserted. Had she gone too far, or not far enough? She should have asked for the exact distance to the turn off. There were no signposts, no addresses. She drove up the mount, across a seemingly uninhabited ridge, and down the other side. Had she misunderstood or been misled? “On the right, half way up,” Claudia had said. More...


Review: Waiting for Chrysanthemums, a Novel from the Grey Zone

by Terri Favro


Border towns can be grey zones with split identities, regions where loyalties are divided, nations kiss, laws are broken, and boundaries are both enforced and transgressed. As literary settings, borders offer up stories that defy easy categorization. More...








by Genni Gunn


Panic never leaves her. It only recedes for intervals, like the tide in ​Bahía de Navidad. For days, the ocean can lap in benign ripples on the sand, then suddenly rise in swirling breakers that smash to shore, shaking the hotel in its foundation. Monica lies in the penthouse bedroom facing the ocean, trying to make herself get up. It’s a vacation, the waves a sea of mirrors reflecting the sun. More...





http://www.accenti.ca/online-features/art-scene/interview-with-francois-morelli-by-giuseppe-di-leoItalian San Francisco

by Jacqueline Swartz


It is impossible to think of San Francisco without its Italian heritage. There are the notables: A.P. Giannini, who founded the Bank of America; filmmaker and vintner, Francis Ford Coppola; baseball's Joe DiMaggio, once married Marilyn Monroe; and Joseph Alioto, San Francisco's legendary mayor. The Italian Heritage Parade, dating back to 1868, is San Francisco's oldest civic event, and the oldest Italian-American parade in the United States. More...













Mexico Through the Lens of Vincenzo Pietropaolo

by Alejandro Monsiváis


One of the various virtues of Vincenzo is that, when he’s taking pictures abroad, he does not have the “foreign view” – that arrogant attitude to treat other cultures as picturesque and exotic, like the furtive anthropologist photographing the “Noble Savage.” He establishes a relationship of trust with his subjects, and asks them before taking a picture. More...



Gingerbread: A Sicilian-Canadian Tradition

by Francesca M. LoDico


I made one gingerbread house in 2011 with my three nieces who were pre-schoolers; by 2016 I was making three houses with a squadron of 5-to-12 year-old relatives. I’m single with no kids of my own. And I live in the city whereas most of my family is suburban. More...



Loss of Teenage Dreams 

by Delia De Santis


I don’t know if he has recognized me. Frank Spadari. He’s even more handsome now with the grey at his temples. Many years have gone by and my heart still overturns at seeing him.  More







Feature Image

“Swordfish” by Francesco Licandro (San Pietro Clarenza, Italy) – Grand prize winner of the 2015 Accenti Photo Competition.



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