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The Beauty of the Unknown: The Work of Giuseppe Di Leo

by Amanda Beattie


There is a mystery inside of every one of us. A place that we can’t begin to understand that exists independently of our thoughts and actions. A place that just is, that we may never encounter, never even know about. It is perhaps from this place that creativity flows – unrestrained, uncontrolled, limitless.






The Good Country Index: A New Way of Looking at the World



Blurred Nationalities across the North Atlantic 

by Luca Codignola


Long before the mid-nineteenth century, thousands of people were constantly moving between the United States and British North America, and Leghorn, Genoa, Naples, Rome, Sicily, Piedmont, Lombardy, Venice and Trieste. Predominantly traders, sailors, transient workers, Catholic priests and seminarians, this group relied on the exchange of goods across the Atlantic to solidify transatlantic relations.








Mio Men

by Glenn Carley


In kinder, gentler times, there was a man who came around on his truck to deliver what I liked to call the two Sisters of Soda: Mio and Brio. Mio was clear and fizzy and I loved her. I didn’t really know Brio. I was taught that after you suck on the siphon tube to get a good gulp of red wine flowing into an empty rye bottle, that Mio may be added to the top third of a glass.





Letting Go of the People in My Head

by Paul Salsini


When I was completing the sixth volume of a series I set in a fictional village in Tuscany, I realized that it was time to let the people in these books go. I had seen them suffer during World War II when the series began The Cielo: A Novel of Wartime Tuscany and, through the decades, they had married, had kids who had kids, fell in and out of love, and faced crisis after crisis








Lives of Ordinary People: Licia Canton’s The Pink House and Other Stories

by Christine Sansalone


The Pink House and Other Stories (Longbridge Books, 2018) is Montreal writer Licia Canton’s second collection of short stories after Almond, Wine and Fertility (2008). In her latest volume, Canton narrates the lives of ordinary people facing challenging times, drawing from her own personal experiences, as a writer, a daughter, a mother and as an Italian immigrant living in Montreal.







Drone Strike

by Joe Giordano


Jihad. The billboard portrayed a masked ISIL fighter dressed in black, carrying a Kalashnikov rifle. Alone in the rear seat of the silver Hyundai sedan, Karim grimaced. Reminders of ISIL's martial grip on his town were everywhere. Slim, and in his thirties, Karim had a penetrating gaze and light brown eyes. Since ISIL, the Islamic State in the Levant, pushed out the Iraqi Shia controlled by Iran and Baghdad, Karim grew his beard longer.





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History of a Dress



Between Two Worlds

by Tania Zampini


It has been my experience as an educator and a self-proclaimed ambassador of Italian culture that when people think of Italy, they think of three things: the food, the history, and the trains never running on time. They are right on all three accounts (although, unbeknownst to them, the third is a direct result of the second). More frequent travellers to Italy might add a few other items to this list: the vineyards, the beaches, the scenery, the hospitality, the more relaxed lifestyle, the romance — that’s amore! More...




History of a Dress

Italian-Canadian Writers Gather for Conference in Winnipeg

by Mélanie Grondin


If you could choose a first conference to attend as a speaker, the Biennial Conference of the Association of Italian-Canadian Writers (AICW) should be the one. An interdisciplinary conference, it includes academic and creative writing, film, photography, art, and translation, and you never feel like you don’t belong –even if you’re not Italian-Canadian, like me More...





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Truth, More or Less

by Rosanne Pagano


Causes of my grandmother’s lifelong limp – the one that afflicted her right leg (or maybe it was her left, memories contradict) – are lost to time and the Sicilian aptitude for turning the ordinary into the legendary. Consider the Tale of Uncle Benny’s Toe. It chronicles an American tourist in Rome who suddenly is laid low by an infection in the big toe of his right foot; his wife, whose Italian is better, explains to the hotel staff that a doctor is needed – l’alluce! aiuto, per favore! A cabbie appears in the night to rush the couple to a clinic where, grazie a Dio, a doctor promptly and courteously lances the toe and sends Benny home with vials of yellow oil to be ingested once a day on arising for three consecutive days. The toe heals and, magia, yet another ten-day, eight-city packaged tour of the Old Country is salvaged.















George Amabile on War, Trauma, the Creative Process, and His Latest Collection Martial Music


by Liana Cusmano


...Good and Evil are not forces that exist outside of us, but are the result of choices we make as individual beings. It is dangerous to succumb to the attractive belief that we, Canadians or Americans, Chinese or Russians, are the good guys and everything we do, however violent or destructive, is right because our cause and our intentions are good.





by George Amabile


to J. Michael Yates


What was all that

organized chaos but an intelligent

storm, words, marching down the page

like a biological imperative, and the bright

mischief, the challenge when you pushed






All a Whirlwind

by Glenn Carley


It is all a whirlwind; a life constructed in little vignettes, little parables that pass by like clouds in full bore – over in a second. We made our way south by southeast to North York and the aftermath of the windstorm the previous day. The usual post-blustery bedlam: cops with flashing lights making you wait and then waving you on. More...





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“Lights of Bari Vecchia” by Giorgio Tinelli (Toronto, Canada) – Grand prize winner of the 2014 Accenti Photo Competition.



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