Gingerbread: A Sicilian-Canadian Tradition

by Francesca M. LoDico


I made one gingerbread house in 2011 with my three nieces who were pre-schoolers; by 2016 I was making three houses with a squadron of 5-to-12 year-old relatives. I’m single with no kids of my own. And I live in the city whereas most of my family is suburban. As an auntie and godmother I love bringing the little ones on “city” adventures and being a bridge between Italian and Canadian customs. More...




Sliced Green Tomatoes

Christmas Eve Cider

by Marguerite Dakin


The last note of Silent Night cut unevenly off, the chorus of voices each giving up one by one. There was a moment of silence in the church, broken by a baby’s babble from the back row. Dark faces lit by candles looked down, closing their programs. The lights came back on and voices filled the space again, slightly hushed at first, More...


Sliced Green Tomatoes

Escaping Christmas Dinner

by Emma Pivato


There was the year I made lutefisk for Christmas, just to insert a little of my Swedish heritage into the vast Italian milieu in which I have found myself for the past 45 years. That was a bust. I put it down the garburator. My husband, Joe, was disappointed. He loves fish, parmigiano and radicchio, but he is really picky about all other food. More...




Sliced Green Tomatoes

Holiday Memories

by Valerie Zuliani Di Paolo


Our holiday celebrations always began with Italian Christmas Eve fare: fish and seafood, and our regional specialty of polenta e baccalà. Around nine o’clock, the children clamoured for their gifts, while the adults sipped a grappino.. More...









Loss of Teenage Dreams 

by Delia De Santis


I don’t know if he has recognized me. Frank Spadari. He’s even more handsome now with the grey at his temples. Many years have gone by and my heart still overturns at seeing him.  More



The Darkness You Hold

by Linda Morra

Imagine this: you are twenty-four years old and you long to take the world in your fingers. It’s yours for the taking. You know it’s yours, as you lie wide-awake in bed to watch the dawn spread like wonder across the sky. More...



The Hog Slaughter: February 1862

by Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli


The hog is limp, having shuddered its last breath after a single blow to the head with a mallet. Gabriella and some of the neighbourhood women watch her father Lorenzo. More...





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“Swordfish” by Francesco Licandro (San Pietro Clarenza, Italy) – Grand prize winner of the 2015 Accenti Photo Competition.







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