Interview with Francois Morelli


Interview with Francois Morelli

by Giuseppe Di Leo


Myth has it that the beginning of drawing has its foundation in the hand-trace, delineating an edge of a shadow on a wall. Debutade, a Corinthian maid, consciously traced the shadow of her lover, asleep, before his departure so that she could accurately remember his image. More...







Canadian Problems

by Rondi Adamson


It’s a Canadian problem. When you’re overseas, people don’t know what to make of you. You’re not American but you sound like you are. You’re not British but you’re sentimental about the Queen. You’re not distinct the way Australians are with their funny accents and their freakishly-far-away, upside-down country. More...






The Gentrification of Griffintown
by Maria Luisa Ierfino-Adornato


Griffintown lies by the Lachine Canal just south of Montreal’s downtown. Neglected for decades after the closing of the Canal in 1970, the area is now undergoing a rapid gentrification. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­In the nineteenth century Griffintown was one of Canada’s first working-class neighbourhoods, and soon an industrial slum. More...






Poppy Crackers

by Marguerite Dakin


Cat jumped into the backseat, asked for snacks and Shawn Mendes. Rosie granted one of the two requests and they waited for Grace, as the heat blasted and Stitches played. Cat pulled out her lunchbox to scrounge for leftoverse ... More








Loss of Teenage Dreams 

by Delia De Santis


I don’t know if he has recognized me. Frank Spadari. He’s even more handsome now with the grey at his temples. Many years have gone by and my heart still overturns at seeing him.  More



The Darkness You Hold

by Linda Morra

Imagine this: you are twenty-four years old and you long to take the world in your fingers. It’s yours for the taking. You know it’s yours, as you lie wide-awake in bed to watch the dawn spread like wonder across the sky. More...



The Hog Slaughter: February 1862

by Rosanna Micelotta Battigelli


The hog is limp, having shuddered its last breath after a single blow to the head with a mallet. Gabriella and some of the neighbourhood women watch her father Lorenzo. More...





Feature Image

“Swordfish” by Francesco Licandro (San Pietro Clarenza, Italy) – Grand prize winner of the 2015 Accenti Photo Competition.



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