weak cloth

we are made of weak cloth
and barely woven fabric
sewed, having chosen
a design because of texture,
jute or silk

having chosen a colour, violet
brown or red, for the breadth
of cotton held against light
for the depth of denim
that soaks up all stains

weak cloth never woven
for the strength of weft
for the sounds it makes when
flapped against laundry lines
in wind, for threads that stray
and those that remain

after so many washings

we, these ties we say
we’re cut from are paper persons
dangled, accordion ribbons
designed not by craft or skill
but by hands, scissors

Renée M. Sgroi was runner-up in the UK’s 2020 erbacce poetry prize, and her debut poetry collection, life print, in points, was published by erbacce-press. She is also the editor of the poetry anthology, Written Tenfold (Poetry Friendly Press). She lives in Whitby, Ontario.

“weak cloth” was a finalist in the inaugural Accenti Poetry Contest in 2021. 

For details on next year’s contest, click here.

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