On the Trace of a Desire

You were blowing like a light breeze
I felt you on my skin like a whirlwind.
I brought my ear close
and all became calm.
Your hair was silky
your eyes were charmed by a vivid green.
It was not me
it was the reflection of your own words.
It was not mine the mirrored image
it was the shell of your own desires.
I look at me now distant in time and in space
what do I see?
The stairway of a dream
whose steps
never knew how to climb down nor up
they remained still
like blind people
waiting in line.
I look at you, from a distance, what do I see?
Ruffled hair and eyes enchanted by a green
that was never of my eyes.
After all you were wind
slipping through the thresholds
uncovering the rooves.
But if you lift up your sight
it is already chasing other clouds.
You scattered them all,
embraced none.

Anna Ciardullo Villapiana’s most recent collection is Al di là del mare / Beyond the Sea (I Rumori dell’Anima, 2018). Anna currently lives in Kitchener, Ontario, where she teaches Italian, www.annavill.com.

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