I was on assignment for a coffee table book on Venice for a Belgian editor during Carnevale. In between the required classic pictures for the book, I often wandered around hoping to capture the essence of the city. The gondolier sleeping on the gondola with the reflections around him was a perfect shot.

Alain Schroeder is a Belgian photojournalist. In 1989 he founded Reporters, a well-known photo agency in Belgium. He has illustrated over thirty books, among them on China, Iran, the Renaissance, Ancient Rome, the Gardens of Europe, Thailand, Tuscany, Crete, Vietnam, Budapest, and Venice. He has won numerous international awards including a Nikon Japan award (2017-2018), the TPOTY (Travel Photographer of the Year 2018) award and a World Press Photo, 1st Prize Sport Stories (2018).

 “Venice” was a finalist in the 10th Accenti Photo Contest and received a $100 prize. Click here for more details.

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