The Light and Sky in Winnipeg

This sunlight belongs in a Mediterranean harbour
or outside the shade of a small orange grove
above the sea on a steep limestone cliff
in the middle of the village square
around 4:00 when the tables outside the caffè hug the walls and its low pale shadow.
Here is August morning light and
red crabapples dot a green tree
like Pissarro but this is my backyard
my tomatoes are plump and green
pagan sunflowers worship every day
and the beans scale the mesh fence
like ancient Roman soldiers each leaf
shadow for the one below.
At the edge of the garden
a small brown rabbit hops over
cinder blocks full of basil
hides under Swiss Chard
no irascible Mr. McGregor here to chase it away
into the bright yellow and white sunlight
instead little Adrianna appears by the side house door
in a green bathing suit with giraffes and carries a bowl
with meat marinating in olive oil, lemon, basil,
garlic and parsley

“Look Dad there’s a feast in the sky.”
Summer light pours like warm butter
in the distance famished clouds bump
and devour each other’s skin.

First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 3.

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