Contributor Guidelines – Articles
Accenti Magazine considers unsolicited articles for publication. These can include news items, commentaries, works of fiction, non-fiction, etc. Photographs and illustrations can accompany submissions. However, please do not send images unaccompanied by an article or story. The author must take responsibility for securing any copyright permission prior to submission, and must state specifically that these clearances have been obtained. Submissions must be in English and be between 500 and 2000 words.

Contributor Guidelines – Editorial Cartoons
Accenti Magazine considers unsolicited cartoons for publication. Submissions must be in English and adhere to the following specifications: include an image and a related caption, be in colour or black and white, have a resolution of 300 ppi, be in eps, tiff or jpg format. 

Article submissions must be sent as attached files in Word format to Kindly ensure that your email address is up to date so we can acknowledge receipt. 

Submissions must be unpublished original works. The contributor is responsible for any and all legal complaints made against the work, and is thus financially responsible for any legal actions. Any subsequent publication of the article or cartoon, in any form, must acknowledge its earlier publication in Accenti Magazine. The Editors of Accenti Magazine reserve the right to publish or not publish any submission entirely at their discretion.