Rome Flowers

The Fontana dei Catecumeni is located on a side street near the colosseum in Rome. Across the street you will find a small flower shop that caters to the romantics that caters to the young men trying to impress their dates. The graffiti on the wall, the passion of the shopkeeper, contrasts so strikingly with the calm older couple and the beauty of the flowers. This photograph represents Rome: chaos, passion and beauty all wrapped into one unforgettable package.

At the age of twelve my dad lent me his Agfa Pronto for a school field trip. Thank you to Mr. Rabbit who taught me how to use the old 35mm rangefinder camera. As an immigrant from Paraguay, I have always looked at things from a different perspective. The world fascinates me. I love to travel and I love to bring moments back in the form of photographs.

 “Rome Flowers” was a finalist in the 10th Accenti Photo Contest and received a $100 prize. Click here for more details.

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