Two men stand before a doorway in a narrow street somewhere in Rome. One man hands the other a frame. Is it a painting or a photograph? Who is the buyer? What is the price? Mysterious yet decipherable, Rome slowly reveals itself to the keen observer through the myriad every-day gestures of its citizens, who know they reside in the cradle of civilization… in the heart of art.

“Rome-Art” won Second Prize in the 2011 Accenti Magazine Photo
 Contest and was displayed at the 6th Annual Accenti Magazine Awards 
during the 13th Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival in 
April 2011.

Vincent de Groot, originally from The Netherlands, currently lives in France with his wife, who was born in Spain. Always in black and white, his photos capture moments of life. To know more, visit

First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 23.

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