A Journey of Faith: A History of Saint Anthony of Padua Church, 1913-2013


A Journey of Faith commemorates the one-hundred year history of Ottawa’s St Anthony of Padua Church. It is a legacy and a living testimony for future generations of Italian Canadians.

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Longbridge Books
Publication Date: 2015



ISBN: 978-1-928065-02-9

English and Italian: 244 pages

A Journey of Faith is a legacy and a living testimony for future generations of Italian Canadians in Ottawa. Its pages relate the spiritual strength of a people who were forced to leave their beloved homeland of Italy, and who valiantly strove to create a better life for themselves and their families in Canada. Once here, unconditionally supported with compassion and understanding by the clergy of the Servite Order, they founded a new church and a new community. This book, to commemorate the one-hundred year history of St Anthony of Padua Church, is the result of countless hours of work by a determined group of individuals and the invaluable contribution of scores of its parishioners.

The request to the community was simple: dig deep in your basements, attics and drawers, and bring us the treasure trove of photographs and memorabilia that you find. The response of our parishioners was overwhelming. We are most grateful to our community for freely sharing their mementos and memories, and for their overwhelming generosity, as they assigned their most precious documents and photographs to us to ensure their preservation within the covers of this publication. This volume is a garden of memories harvested by the parishioners that tells the story of our beloved St Anthony’s Church.

– Centennial Book Committee, St Anthony of Padua Church

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