A River of Oranges – Aldo Nazarko (PDF Version)


Longbridge Books
Publication Date: August 2018

ISBN: 978-1-928065-13-5
English: 172 pages
Includes photographs

$15.00 Canada, US


A River of Oranges: Memories of a Displaced Childhood tells the story of a boy and his family and how they live through the traumas of war and exile. Aldo Nazarko recounts his journey from birth to adolescence, from a city in what is now Croatia, through ten refugee camps, to Port Arthur in Canada. He brings to light a forgotten history and a lost culture. His early years are haunted by danger, disruption, and the repeated loss of close friends and family, yet this memoir is punctuated by notes of grace. The author shows the beautiful places he saw, as well as the squalid ones. He evokes the carefree hours of childhood and its small pleasures – a new comic book, or an extra piece of hazelnut-chocolate. This book is a gift, as unexpected and satisfying as a river of oranges to a deprived and thirsty boy.

– Caterina Edwards, author of Finding Rosa and The Sicilian Wife.