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Poetry Contest, Past Winners


 Grand Prize Winner

The Door
Susanna Cupido

“Go shut the door,” he told me, and I stopped

a second, wondering exactly what

he meant, if I’d been wrong to leave it propped

open, if drafts were getting in, if “shut”



Feux Rouges
Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews

At the carrefours, signs and avenues

Usher us to divergent destinations.

We trace thoughts through clouds,

Neuronal bridges tethering

Roads. Branching out deltas


Diane Pacitti

When they were old men

they couldn’t recall if they had strode that mystery,

or if another sailor had bragged of walking

on the broad backs of cod


weak cloth
Renée M. Sgroi

we are made of weak cloth

and barely woven fabric

sewed, having chosen

a design because of texture,

jute or silk