Lights of Bari Vecchia


“Light of Bari Vecchia” won First Prize in the 8th Accenti Magazine Photo Contest, and was displayed at the Italian Cultural Institute in Montreal during the Accenti Magazine Awards, presented as part of the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival in May 2014.

About “Lights of Bari Vecchia” the judges have written: “This photo is charged with just the correct design elements: variety, repletion, alternation, contrast, hard and soft edges, muted, bold shapes and the play of light. It is inviting yet mysterious. Where does it lead us, where does it come from? We seem to be waiting for someone to come and jump on the Vespa (so typically Italian). The scene is deserted yet inhabited. The photo is full of contrasts of mystery. There are no brilliant colours yet it is colourful. This picture evokes the complexity and the simplicity of all that is Italian.”

An amateur photographer, Giorgio Tinelli was born in Italy and moved to Canada in 2007. He works in Toronto and shares equally a true love between his birth and adopted countries. Photography is his favourite medium to express his passions.



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