Just How Many Canadians of Italian Origin Are There? …And Where Do They Live?

According to the census conducted in the summer of 2001, Canada’s total population was estimated to be 29,639,035. The greatest proportion of Canadians ever (39.42%) reported “Canadian” as their ethnic origin. Canadians of Italian origin account for 4.30% of the population, the eighth largest single group. Vaughn, north of Toronto, is the Canadian city with the greatest proportion of people of Italian origin, 44%, with St. Leonard, on the island of Montreal, a close second at almost 40%.

However, St. Leonard is the district in Canada with the greatest concentration of Italian speakers, 38%. Italian, according to the census, is still spoken as a primary language by nearly half a million Canadians, making it the fourth most commonly spoken language in the country, after English, French and Chinese.


First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 1.

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