Glamour Gladiator

“Glamour Gladiator” emerged in bella Roma in May of 2007. For me this image is an ironic blend of visual elements that could have only come together in Italy. The costumed Centurion posing in front of the Coliseum speaks to the history of ancient Rome. That ancient past is joined to the present day by the Fashionista pausing to take a snap shot, her haute couture bag prominently displayed over her shoulder. This image was un-posed, their interaction was fleeting, and so my window of opportunity was only open for a few seconds. The challenge for me was to anticipate that brief moment and position myself so that I could “capture an Italian moment.” Black and white was the natural choice for this subject matter as it really enhances the multitude of textures present in this image, as well as giving it a classic 1950s glamour photography look.

“Glamour Gladiator “ won Third Prize in the Accenti Magazine Photo Contest, and was displayed at the Accenti Magazine Awards during the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival in May 2008.

Robert T. Norton is a two-time winner of an Accenti Award for photography.

First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 16.

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