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Congratulations on publishing a wonderful new magazine on the Italian Canadian experience. The look of the magazine is very professional. I believe it will be around for a very long time. What an incredible feat.
Mary Melfi, Montreal

Hats off to Accenti. Your magazine fills a void that needed to be filled.
Gino Berardi, Toronto

I am delighted to read your inaugural issue. Congratulations on a job well done. The content is varied and captivating, and the layout is sleek and attractive. This is one magazine that I am proud to share with friends, of Italian origin, and otherwise. What a relief to see a magazine, oriented to the Italian community, that isn’t filled with photos of the editor and tributes to “friends”. Bravo to you and your team.
Loretta Di Vita, Montreal

Congratulations on your first edition. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Angie Todesco, Ottawa

I applaud your new magazine, but why must every Italian American or Italian Canadian start with a Mafia apologia. We are merely reinforcing the myth that that is part of our collective identity. Let us concentrate on all the positive things we are known for here, there and everywhere. There is much to write about that has been ignored by a media bent on concentrating only on the Mafia myths. Let’s not feed into that and please no more statistics on what percentage of Italian Americans or Italian Canadians are criminals! If one must talk about statistics, let’s talk about what percentage of American criminals are Italian American. I am sure it is far less than 0.02%. Good Luck with Accenti.
Gaetana Albano, Flower Hill, New York

In my humble opinion it would be nice to see a short piece, maybe even a poem in Italian.
Gianni Francescucci, Laval, Quebec

Bravo for your new magazine! It is really interesting! I read it cover to cover and I enjoyed it very much! It is absolutely new and fresh and full of energy! It is bringing something different and brilliant! I liked the way it is done, the choice of the paper, the graphics and the colours!
Rita Amabili, Chambly, Quebec

Accenti Magazine contains the best Italian Canadian or American reporting I have read in a magazine by far. Accenti is going to be a smash hit: there was not one recipe or one sob story in it!
John Galletta, Palm Coast, Florida

I want to congratulate you on your impressive magazine. It is wonderful to see Italians portrayed realistically for a change.
Carmela Piazza, Montreal

First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 2.

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