From Our Readers – March 2003

I want to congratulate you on your initiative in bringing forth Accenti Magazine to address issues that are relevant to many Italo-Canadesi; issues that will hopefully allow us to live better, love more and laugh always.
Roger Caranci, City Councillor, London, Ontario

A publication that addresses the Italian experience in Canada from a Canadian perspective was long overdue. Canadians of Italian background are in effect just that – Canadians. The traditional Italian Canadian media and their mainstream counterparts seem to ignore this fact and continue to see the second and third generations from the perspective of the immigrant experience. As important as that experience was, and we shall never forget it, it is not our experience. To pretend that it is, diminishes the sacrifices of our forebears because we did not make those sacrifices. Our challenges are not survival or exile, but the full range of opportunity available to any Canadian. One of these challenges lies in taking up our place in the media culture of our nation, and your magazine will help us do that.
A. C. Ricci, PhD, Research Fellow
The Medici Archive Project, Florence, Italy

Excellent initiative! I visited your web site and look forward with much anticipation to the launch of your new magazine.
Dino Mazzone, Montreal, Quebec

I checked out your web site and was not impressed. Why would I want to tell my friends about what it is to be an Italian in Canada if they can not speak to me in Italian? It brings about the Anglicization of the Italian community in North America. If you expect me to read your magazine, I want articles in Italian for people who consider themselves Italian in North America without losing their connection with Italy. There are a few of us who refuse to be assimilated into English. I call myself Sicilian because I can speak the language.

Accenti sounds like an interesting magazine. I will mention it to my students.
Elias Polizoes, University of Western Ontario

Congratulations on your new project. It’s fantastic to see great projects and great minds evolve in our community.
Enza Cappadoro, Montreal, Quebec

What a wonderful initiative. Best of luck with this progressive and imaginative step for both our people and our country. I look forward to this publication having a long, active and influential existence.
Franco Taddeo, Montreal, Quebec

Your initiative is filling a void that we feel is sorely lacking in the Canadian mosaic. Congratulations! We wish you every success!
Sal Ritacca, Headmaster
Leonardo Da Vinci Academy, Toronto, Ontario

I am a professor of Italian at the University of Florida, originally from Toronto. I will link up Accenti on my web site and encourage my students to peruse it.
Mary Watt, University of Florida

I just read your entire web site. I AM SO IMPRESSED! I have forwarded it to everyone I know. Finally, something about Italo-Canadians that doesn’t focus on food, wine and how great the mafia is! Congratulations and keep up the excellent work!
Maria-Franca Silla, Montreal, Quebec

I’m very excited about the arrival of Accenti Magazine. As a professor of Italian whose main focus of research and publication is Italian Canadian Studies, your new venture is most needed and welcome.
Diana Iuele-Colilli, Laurentian University, Sudbury, Ontario

First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 1.

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