From Our Readers – Issue 3

Accenti is a wonderful magazine with a variety of articles about Italian Canadian people and culture. Delia De Santis’ Call Display was not just a fun and uplifting story to read, but something quite real to all of us who grew up in our Italian culture in the reality of our new Canadian home – which is both funny and serious at the same time. You have done a wonderful job putting together articles that are as diverse as the Italian Canadian people themselves.
Franco Tessari, Vancouver

I read the first issue from cover to cover. Esthetically Accenti is perfect, and the content is interesting and varied. In Francesca L’Orfano’s well-written and objective article, Mainstream Media and The Godfather Legacy, I would have liked to see an elaboration on Bush’s quote. The word mafia is certainly not used in reference to Italy or Italians; it has become an international word like spaghetti, cappuccino, pizza, etc. The word has become synonymous with crime, but in all countries in the same way. That quote seemed out of place to me.
Nico Bignami, Montreal

Accenti is very interesting. I read it from cover to cover, even the ads.
Lisa Carducci, Beijing, China

I wish to congratulate you for putting out a very interesting, informative and well-written publication. Just as importantly, you seem to want to be relevant and speak directly to the second and third generations of Italian Canadians who have taken up the torch passed on by our parents.
William Rigutto, Montreal

Congratulations on Accenti. I found it polished, professional and really interesting.
Greg Reid, Sherbrooke, Quebec

I am impressed with the work you and your team have done. You have touched on and brought to life different aspects of the Italian heritage. It is great that we can see that there is more to Italians than pasta and Ferrari. Your magazine is a learning tool for Italians as well as for other cultures.
Sonia Mete, Lasalle, Quebec

The second issue of Accenti is as wonderful as and “better” than the first – if that is possible! I foresee that the coming issues will all be of the highest quality.
Vera Golini, Waterloo, Ontario

The article by Pietro Gasparrini Creating an Enduring Cultural Legacy is helpful, as we here in Thunder Bay are in our second year of laying the foundations for our own Pictorial Archive of Italians. I might suggest a national framework for a network of computerized sites that will allow access from anywhere in the world. I also wish you much success with your magazine.
Caesar J.B. Squitti, Thunder Bay, Ontario

The article on John Nunziata was very interesting, but it creates the impression that he is the only candidate. The article occupies so much space in the issue that it makes the issue look like a campaign brochure for Mr. Nunziata. I would indeed vote for him after reading this article.
Elaine Carducci-Sidorenko, Montreal

Editor’s note: Accenti Magazine does not endorse Mr. Nunziata nor any other candidate for mayor of Toronto.

First published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 3.

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