Food tv fantasia

Each morning
espresso or cappuccino
at historic chic cafe’s
in rome, milan, venice and florence
Under a rising Mediterranean sun

At noon
Ligurian olives, kissed with extra virgin oil
Prosciutto di parma
Pasta made by milanese hands
Tuscan wine in murano goblets
Bocconcini di bufala and basilico
Al fresco beneath a Mediterranean mezzogiorno
Vistas of dream cities in background

Are slow passeggiatas
Arm in arm
Along ancient rivers
Or coastal promenades
Banked with palazzos and palms
Dusk scented
With Sicilian lemons, jasmine and oranges
Laughter, around outdoor
Linen covered tavolas
The sound of the Mediterranean a love song
The setting sun a chiaroscuro caress
They’re living their dolce vita
While we save and deny ourselves
Hungry for their recipes.

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