Circolo Ricreativo

“Circolo Ricreativo” was a finalist in the 2020 Accenti “Capture an Italian Moment” Photo Contest. The photo was shot in Cinque Terre in 2019.

About the photo, photographer Maria Cristina Campi says: “The photo was taken during a trip to the Cinque Terre area, in Liguria. The image of the little girl raptly listening to the words of the elderly man brought me back many years, to when my fantastic nonno would tell me stories about life and war.”

Maria Cristina Campi was born and lives in Bologna. She is a frequent traveller, and recently became passionate about photography. Her love of nature and the outdoors once brought her to Canada, where she travelled from Montreal to St John’s by car before flying to Vancouver. She intends to return as soon as possible.

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