Artistes was a finalist in the 2020 Accenti “Capture an Italian Moment” Photo Contest. Photographer Robert Norton writes, “the photo was taken one morning on the steps of the Capitolium in Rome. I chanced upon a class of art students busily sketching. Among them, these two artistes stood out as being particularly engrossed in their Italian moment! What draws me to this image is its strong lines, subtle highlights, and natural subjects.”

Robert Norton has pursued his creativity through the medium of photography for over 35 years. View more of his images at His forthcoming books are Via Roma (a collection of short stories with a distinct Italian flavour), and Meditations on Photography: 30 ways to Connect with Your Creativity. He lives in Toronto,

 For details on next year’s contest, click here. Click here to know more about the 2020 Accenti contest winners.

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