Al Parrucchiere

It had been 26 years since I’d last visited the country of my ancestors, and from the look of things, not much had changed. When I think of Italy, I think of Margherita pizza, the Vespa, Catholic churches, the town piazza and August 15, the date which marks the beginning of Italian holidays. All these things were abundantly present during our month-long trip, which took us from Rome to Sicily.

Towards the end, we visited the ruins of Pompeii and, while strolling down a deserted street, I noticed a monk talking on a cell phone as he walked along. Well, what can be more Italian in the new Italy than a man of the cloth talking on a mobile phone!

Nicola Colarusso

“Al Parrucchiere” won First Prize in the 1st Accenti Magazine Photo Contest, and was displayed at the Accenti Magazine Awards during the Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival in May 2008.

Nicola Colarusso is a certified general accountant. He lives in Montreal, Canada, with his wife Anna and children, Danika and Anthony. He donated his $1000 prize to the urology and oncology departments of Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital.

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