ACCENTI MAGAZINE AWARDS: Celebrating Creativity with Style

Sitting (left to right): Robert Norton (2nd Prize Photo), Linda Morra (Honourable Mention Writing), Loretta Di Vita (1st Prize Writing), Amy Occhipinti (1st Prize Photo),André Caron (Honourable Mention Photo) Standing: Licia Canton (Editor-in-Chief, Accenti), Jim Zucchero (Vice-Pres. Association of Italian Canadian Writers – Sponsor), Attorney Margherita M. Morsella (Sponsor), John Calabro (Sponsor and Guest Reader), Liana Cusmano (Guest Reader), Frank Caracciolo (Judge, Photo Competition), Connie G. McParland (Guernica Editions, Sponsor), Domenic Cusmano (Publisher, Accenti).

Since 2003 Accenti has been a vehicle for expressing creativity through words and images. With its annual writing and photo contests, Accenti celebrates the imagination of emerging and established writers and photographers from Canada and elsewhere, and provides an opportunity for visibility and publication, not to mention cash prizes! Even stories that don’t win, may eventually be published.

The fifth annual Accenti Magazine Awards were held on April 23, 2010, during the 12th Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival. The 2010 Awards honoured the winners of the fifth writing contest and of the third “Capture an Italian Moment” Photo Competition. The evening featured musical guests Ralph Alfonso and the Franco Proietti Quartet.

The winner of the Accenti Photo Competition and the recipient of the $1000 prize was Amy Occhipinti of Toronto for her photo “Guidare”. Robert Norton of Toronto won second prize for “Window Shopping.” Pasquale Vitale of Montreal won third prize for “Afternoon Card Game.

”An honourable mention went to André Caron of Montreal for “A True Sicilian Moment” and Robert Norton of Toronto for “Pastore Nero.” The judges were Frank Caracciolo, Monique Dykstra and Joyce Pillarella. The winner of the Accenti Writing Contest and the recipient of the $1000 prize was Loretta Di Vita of Nun’s Island (Quebec) for her entry “Just Visiting.” Sigal Samuel of Vancouver won second prize for “Confession.” Paul French of Toronto won third prize for “The Long Way to Rome.” An honourable mention went to Darlene Madott of Toronto for “Making Her Garden Grow” and Linda Morra of Montreal for “My Husband Lives in My Garage.” The judges were Domenic Beneventi, Maria Bucaro and Delia De Santis.

Other winning stories and photos will be published in forthcoming issues of Accenti Magazine and Accenti Online. The deadline for next year’s contests is February 1, 2011. If you have a story to tell through words or images, why not enter an Accenti contest. You could be among those celebrated next spring! For more information, visit and follow the links. Join us next spring for the sixth annual Accenti Magazine Awards during the 13th Blue Met Festival from April 27 to May 1, 2011.

The 2010 Accenti Magazine Awards were sponsored by: Association of Italian Canadian Writers, John Calabro – author of The Cousin (Quattro Books), Centro Scuola e Cultura Italiana, Columbus Centre, Guernica Editions, Italian Chamber of Commerce of Toronto, Librairie Pages & Co., Attorney Margherita M. Morsella, and Edda and Achille Canton of AELE Packing.

Originally published in Accenti Magazine, Issue 19.

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